Let’s CHANGE (Commit to Healthy Activity and Nutrition Goals Every day) is a partnership with the Common Table Health Alliance and the Shelby County Health Department to fight childhood and family obesity by creating a culture of healthy living. Let’s CHANGE includes over 37 organizations spanning a broad spectrum of businesses, community-based organizations, and government. 

Methods to reduce childhood and family obesity:

  • Adopt best practices to address policy and system changes that promote healthy eating and active living
  • Create community-wide partnerships to help maintain a broad base commitment to eliminating childhood and family obesity
  • Embrace strategies that promote community gardens, farmers markets, and a redesign of our environment to encourage physical activity

Common Table Health Alliance's Approach:

  • Convene an annual forum on childhood and family obesity
  • Maintain an inventory of programs and policies to address reducing obesity rates
  • Serve as an information network for Let’s CHANGE members


5th Annual Let's CHANGE Summit Presentation: David Sweat, MPH